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Worlds first Spirograph Letters. Hand-drawn and personalized for you!

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  • Personal Poster 59,-
    • Unique hand-drawn design
    • Choose from A to Z or a special heart shape
    • Optional: personalized with your own name or text
    • Size: Square or portrait (30x30 or 30x40 cm)
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  • Birth cards & Wedding invitiations on
    • The letter design will be hand-drawn
    • The design keeps the hand-made feeling on the printed cards because
    • We use a Risoprinter and beautiful thick 270 gsm paper
    • You will also get a matching hand-drawn poster
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About the designer

Hi there! My name is Leonie, I'm 30 years old and I live in Arnhem (the Netherlands). In 2014 I started Studio GeoLeo where I make my graphic prints and products. Always in a very geometric style.

As long as I can remember I got this big love for geometric patterns. I'm always looking for patterns around me. They can be anywhere, on the corner of the street in a brick wall or in a magazine where the spacing looks weird. Most people don't notice these patterns because the patterns become so normal that we get used to them. I want us to see those beautiful geometric patterns again!

In my designs I give geometric patterns a bit more detail and personality. Because I believe that perfect is not special enough. When things start becoming perfect we will stop looking and get bored. What makes us special are these little characteristic details that we all have but are never the same.

This philosophy got really important in my work. I love perfect geometric shapes and patterns and I'm a real controlfreak. But when I work on a project or design I always use my hands at some point to make the design really personal and unique. I hope my designs will help us to see the little imperfections in life as a good thing so we will also appreciate each other a bit more.

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